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Plus a look at their magical home, Casa Madrigal

The next set of cards for Disney Lorcana is heavily inspired by The Little Mermaid. Called Ursula’s Return, the action centers around a plot by the eponymous tentacled terror to corrupt the realm’s many glimmers. But another beloved Disney franchise has come to the rescue. The Madrigal family from Encanto is putting their weight behind the forces of good. Today, Polygon can reveal more Madrigal-themed cards, and just as in the hit movie, the family does best when they all work together.

Bruno’s return, and action, shows Bruno hiding behind a post outside the Madrigal home.
Image: Ravensburger
Pepa Madrigal, Weather Maker, is a 1/5 non-inkable character with one lore and a special ability called It Looks Like Rain that only fires when she is played to the table.
Image: Ravensburger

First up is an action card called Bruno’s Return. It allows players to bring back one character card from the discard pile to be placed directly in their hand. Combined with the ability to heal another character for two points, it’s a potent card for the Madrigals when they’re on the offensive.

Next is Bruno’s sister, depicted on the card Pepa Madrigal, Weather Maker. Like Bruno’s Return, this card can’t be turned into ink. But it boasts a hefty five defense, and the powerful ability to exert opposing characters during their opponent’s next turn if they get caught out in the rain — that is, if they’re not already at a location. Bringing multiple copies of this card into play over the course of several turns could really slow down the opposition.

Camilo Madrigal, Prankseter, is a 2/5 card with the Many Forms ability that allows for more lore or a more potent attack with the Challenger ability.
Image: Ravensburger
Isabela Madrigal, Golden Child, has only one lore, but gets three more when she quests alone.
Image: Ravensburger

While most of the Madrigal children were revealed in a March livestream, we now have cards for a few more. Camilo Madrigal, Prankster has the Many Forms ability which allows him to either earn more lore when questing or gain a bonus when attacking. Isabela Madrigal, Golden Child is evasive, meaning she can only be attacked by other evasive characters. Her twin powers, Ladies First and Leave It To Me, make her a force to be reckoned with — but only when there are no other characters that go questing.

Case Madrigal, Casita is a 6 defense card that scores lore only when a character is there.
Image: Ravensburger

Finally, we now have our first look at Casa Madrigal, Casita as a location card. Locations have a defense value (six in this instance) and a cost in ink to move characters to that location (just one ink here). What’s interesting is that the Our Home ability lets you score lore only when you have a character present on that location.

The balance of the Madrigal family cards that have been revealed so far are in the gallery below. Disney Lorcana Ursula’s Return arrives with local retailers on May 17, with a wider retail release on May 31. If you’re eager to get started sooner, the excellent starter sets for the previous set, Into the Inklands, are now available in quantity at your local game store and online.

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